2022 FIFA in Qatar Draw and Club World Cup On The Table

World Cup 2022 Qatar

World Cup Football is ready to move to Qatar. The draw on Friday will decide the groups of a planetary event orphan of Italy, the European champions. A sort of starter for the World Cup, on stage from 21 November to 18 December. The draw will be the highlight of the three days in Qatar, before the destinies and future of football will be discussed, in the FIFA Congress and, above all, in informal meetings.

In Doha we will talk about present and future scenarios: from the new rules for the assignment of the World Cup after 2026, up to the enlargement of the squads of the national teams. Although relations with FIFA are not the best, UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin will not be missing. The World Cup every two years remains at the center of the discussion, FIFA knows it has the numbers to approve but the project is opposed by the national teams of Europe and South America.

2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar

FIFA, while relying on considerable resources, seeks to transform itself into an even more global company. In December 2021 – as Il Corriere della Sera points out – the revenues amounted to 6.11 billion dollars, the reserves in the belly of the federation based in Zurich were 1.6 billion and are destined to break through the wall of 2.5 billion at the end of 2022. Before the pandemic, however, UEFA had reserves of just over 300 million, dried up by the impact of Covid on Champions, Euro 2021 and leagues. FIFA has suffered much less from the pandemic, having no tournaments in progress.

If the two-year World Cup is considered almost a dead letter today, FIFA is working to get the Club World Cup approved, a four-year tournament that will replace the Confederations Cup, and which will see 32 clubs from all continents compete against each other. The new event will bring an inevitable revolution to the calendar, to be reviewed and adapted. More games, more compression, less recovery times, greater chances of income. The silent revolution of football, an evolution for some, is already underway.

FIFA is decentralizing its activities from Zurich, reopening an office in Paris, in the same building where it was founded in 1904. It has 11 other regional offices around the world that work in collaboration with the headquarters in Switzerland, in addition to the temporary office in Doha , where Infantine has moved to closely follow the organization of the next World Cup.

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