Harvey Elliot back while Henderson improves form


Liverpool News: Liverpool is currently on a winning run. They have reached the finals of the Carabao Cup after beating Arsenal 2-0. They also beat Crystal Palace 3-1 in their last Premier League match. The team is looking good under Jürgen Klopp and is performing consistently in all competitions.

Sources suggest that Liverpool’s Harvey Elliot is back from his loan time at Blackburn and was spotted training with the Reds. Harvey Elliot is currently the youngest member of the Liverpool squad and plays as a midfielder.

In the recent match against Crystal Palace, Liverpool’s captain Jordan Henderson showed signs of improvement. Although he was not the perfect performer as Liverpool beat Crystal Palace, he was considerably better than his recent form.

While Liverpool is winning games and qualifying for finals, the performance by their captain has not been up to the mark. The reason for this can be fatigue and overburden from the recent matches.

Liverpool News: Harvey Elliot back while Henderson improves form
Liverpool News: Harvey Elliot back while Henderson improves form

Liverpool News: Henderson Struggle with form and his importance.

Liverpool’s Henderson is one of the few players that can control the center of the pitch and is still fit to play. This has led to a major workload on his shoulders. At the age of 31, one cannot expect him to have the same energy while playing twice a week, with players absent. This has been the case for the Reds.

Against Crystal Palace, Henderson did play well in possession, particularly in the first half. He made some important interceptions in the second half, which led the team to suppress the influence of the opponents.

Jordan Henderson is no doubt one of the best midfielders in the game right now. He has shown astonishing potential as Liverpool’s number 14. Henderson is considered the backbone of Liverpool’s midfield. He has shown improvement in his performance and it is no coincidence that this came at the end of that week, in which Harvey Elliot rejoined the Reds for training.

Who are the others, along with Elliot, to return?

Apart from Harvey Elliot, Thiago Alcantara will be back ahead of the next game against Cardiff in the FA Cup. Even Naby Kieta will add to the midfield options for Liverpool despite having some availability limitations. 

These three Midfielders could add up to Liverpool’s armory very soon. That means Jürgen Klopp will look to enforce his complete Gegenpress strategy and make his team invincible.

Liverpool will look to energize their captain after his difficult spell. Henderson’s performance against Crystal Palace was a vast improvement compared to other recent matches. The impact of Henderson on the team is massive and they will look to dominate with their powerful midfield and resilient defense.

Klopp’s men will look to win at least one trophy this season and their goal can be achieved. They fill face Chelsea in the finals of the Carabao Cup. A team that is looking to get a trophy themselves.

The battle between the top teams of England will be one to watch out for. Thomas Tuchel versus Jürgen Klopp, are two of the best German managers in football history. Their squad will lock horns against each other next month to make sure who goes off with a title to their name.


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