Jurgen Klopp Reveals How Liverpool Can Catch Upto City


Manchester City News: At the moment it is absolutely impossible to stop Manchester City from winning their fourth Premier League under Pep Guardiola this season.

Manchester City have absolutely dominated the scene this season and are well clear at the top of the table. City are currently nine points clear at the top, having secured 57 points from 23 matches.

However, Liverpool FC are also not far behind the race as well. They currently have played a match less than Manchester City and have 48 points currently. They are the only team left apart from Chelsea who still have a chance.

But at the moment, it seems absolutely impossible to close down Manchester City’s lead. It is well known in recent times that whosoever comes out at the top of the table after the Christmas period generally goes on to win the whole thing.

Manchester City News: Jurgen Klopp reveals how Liverpool can catch upto City
Manchester City News: Jurgen Klopp reveals how Liverpool can catch upto City

Moreover, another thing that will be interesting to see is the head-to-head stats between the two teams. Whoever manages to secure the three points in their match will definitely have the last laugh.

Manchester City News: Jurgen Klopp talks about Manchester City rule that Liverpool must follow

Liverpool FC coach Jurgen Klopp has talked about how their team can match upto City’s pace. He says that his side are currently focused on taking one game at a time and not focusing ahead.

“No. The distance is too far to talk about it but we don’t have to. We just need to win football matches.Each Premier League game is difficult like we saw today. We made it more exciting than necessary! We will see what happens in the final few months.”

Additionally, Jurgen Klopp has also said that Liverpool must emulate Manchester City’s methodology. Klopp says Liverpool FC should also focus on their own performances like City.

The problem is not the situation, the problem is that you ask about it to be honest. What is our situation? It’s 11 points with one game in hand?

“I could sit here and say [winks], ‘I can swear we’ll get them’. That would be really crazy, yeah? But if I would sit here and say that we don’t even try, it would be crazy as well.”

“The only thing we can do is winning football games. We cannot wait for a slip, we cannot really influence a slip of City. The only thing we can do is influence our performance. So I thought it’s a good idea to do exactly that. So just win as many as you can.”

Manchester City are next up against Brentford in the Premier League on the 10th of February. On the other hand, Liverpool face Leicester City on the 11th of February.


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