No hopes left for a trophy this season


Arsenal News: Arsenal’s last hope for a trophy this season got destroyed after their 0-2 defeat to Liverpool in the Carabao Cup Semi-final. The Reds at the Emirates Stadium. Diogo Jota scored both the goals for Liverpool and secured a spot for them in the Finals.

The Gunners have lost every match this season when they’ve fallen behind. In the Carabao Cup Semi-final, once Diogo Jota opened the scoring in the first half, Arsenal never looked like they will get back in the game. After such a start, the strategy should be to play aggressively and get everyone to fire. 

According to Former Arsenal player Adrian Clarke: “Arsenal Played with a little bit of fear. They were worried about losing the tie by half-time and they dropped back, which just allowed Liverpool to control the game and the Gunners didn’t lay a glove on them.”

The stats of this season suggest that Arsenal have failed to come back from a 1-0 behind position six times this season. The thing which is more concerning for the Gunners is that they have been behind by 1-0 only six times. This means that they have not been able to come back from a 1-0 situation in any of the matches they played this season.

Arsenal News: No hopes left for a trophy this season.
Arsenal News: No hopes left for a trophy this season.

Arsenal News: Situation of Arsenal under Arteta

Mikel Arteta started well as an Arsenal manager. He led the team to an FA Cup victory in 2019. The team’s performance graph has reduced quite a bit since their FA Cup triumph. 

According to Trevor Sinclair, Arsenal’s situation is no better than under Unai Emery. Keeping Arteta’s FA Cup win aside, the Gunners have not improved at all.

 “It’s great to have young players in the team, especially boys you’ve developed in the academy, but as a team and threat to major titles, to the top four, I don’t think they’ve improved at all,” said Trevor Sinclair.

One of the biggest upsets for Arsenal this season has been the 1-0 defeat against Nottingham Forest in the FA Cup. Arteta’s men are currently residing at the 6th position in the Premier League, which means Carabao Cup was their last hope for a trophy.

Arsenal’s hope for future

The Gunners have not been a part of the Champions League since 2017. A record that is very unlikely for this type of team. Although it is unlikely to say that they haven’t improved under Arteta. They have shown some grit in this season’s Premier League, going up to 6th position from the 19th position.

However, the team’s performance has not been up to the mark. The team requires some changes in their mentality, temperament, and attitude. The team needs to be more aggressive after a setback and has to change its defensive attitude.

Arteta will be hoping for his team to secure a top 4 spot in the Premier League which can give them a spot in next season’s Champions League. For this, they need to keep winning games.

As of now, their hopes for a trophy this season is finished and now they need to focus on getting a top 4 spot in the Premier League. Arteta and their men will have to play hard to achieve their goal.


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