Real Madrid News: Los Blancos sign a non-aggression pact with Barcelona


Real Madrid News: The Spanish giants have signed a non-aggression pact as per reports. This pact is an agreement that the two clubs will not interfere in the contract renewal of each other’s players.

Barcelona and Real Madrid are no strangers to each other. The two Spanish giants share one of the biggest rivalries in world football. But sometimes this rivalry has also taken place in the transfer window. 

Over the years, a few players have switched across from one Spanish giant to another, hence creating a lot of controversies. Luis Enrique, Michael Laudrup, Samuel Eto’o, and Ronaldo de Lima are a few names who have represented both clubs. 

But none of the names have created such a big controversy as Luis Figo. The Portuguese was an icon in the eyes of the Barcelona faithful before he chose to switch sides to Real Madrid in 2000. This led to a lot of tension, which eventually resulted in a pig’s head being thrown at the player.

Real Madrid and Barcelona sign a pact

Real Madrid News: Los Blancos sign a non-aggression pact with Barcelona
Real Madrid News: Los Blancos sign a non-aggression pact with Barcelona

There was recently news that FC Barcelona had agreed on personal terms with Real Madrid’s Isco. The Spanish midfielder has been with Los Merengues since 2013.

The midfielder’s contract ends in six months and as per the rumour, Barcelona were targeting him. This created a lot of waves in the Spanish media with Florentino Perez even hinting that he will try to sign Barcelona players as an act of revenge. 

But as per the latest report by Marca, there is mutual respect between Real Madrid’s Florentino Perez and Barcelona’s Joan Laporta. Hence, the duo have made a verbal agreement with one another. 

As per the report, both the club presidents have agreed to not interfere with the players who are under contract. But they can, however, continue to sign a player who is out of a contract if they decide to pursue them. 

Barcelona and Real Madrid were reportedly in contract with one another for the past few months. These rules were formulated at this time so that the relations between the two powerhouses does not fall out of hand. 

This deal was struck before both the club presidents are on the chief planning committee of the European Super League. To add to this, the two clubs have banded together to fight the wayward decisions that the management of LaLiga has taken over the years.

No problems going after players from other clubs

It is understood that both the clubs would not have a problem going after a player from a different club. AC Milan’s Franck Kessie is one example who is currently being monitored by both the Spanish Giants.

To add to this, both Real Madrid and Barcelona are supposedly interested in signing Erling Haaland. Barcelona are in heavy debt but they are looking to release a few players to have a chance in signing the Norwegian.  


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