Spurs dressing room give their opinions on Antonio Conte’s strict dieting and sleeping habits


Tottenham Hotspur News: Antonio Conte has brought an immense upheaval at Tottenham Hotspur ever since his appointment. The Italian boss has improved results on the pitch bringing back hopes of a Top-4 finish this season.

Conte is unbeaten in 9 matches in the Premier League as the Spurs players seem to have adapted to his methods. The Italian is a hard taskmaster and demands a lot of his players. It has given him plenty of success over the years.

However, the success does not come easy, as the Spurs players have found out in the early weeks of training. Conte has brought in a strict dieting routine for his players alongside a tight sleep schedule.

The move seems to be working for Tottenham Hotspur, as they have definitely improved in terms of performance on the pitch. From the time that he has come in, Spurs outran all of their opponents, which wasn’t the case under their previous managers.

Tottenham Hotspur players

Davinson Sanchez is one of the players, who has greatly benefitted from the arrival of the Italian. He has almost made the centre back position his own, and gave an insight into the mindset of the coach.

“He’s demanding a lot,” Davinson Sanchez told reporters. “Whether it be from training sessions to meetings, eating and sleeping.

“It’s linking with the performance work and then that allows you to be able to help the team to make more effort on the pitch. The performances are coming more easily and you feel healthy in the way that you are playing and training as well.”

Tottenham Hotspur News: Antonio Conte needs signings to improve the squad and make them serious Top-4 contenders

The Italian’s first decision was to remove tomato ketchup off the lunch shelves, a move that grabbed headlines in the media. However, Conte was confident that it will pay dividends, given that he has implemented such methods at all of his previous clubs.

He also spoke of how he has implemented a nutritionist to monitor the feeding habits of his players. It is quite natural that a manager would be concerned about the fitness of his players, and healthy food habits are definitely a good way to go.

“At every one of the clubs that I trained I had a nutritionist. These aspects are important because you have to stay at the right weight and to do that you have to have good fat and good muscle,” said Conte.

However, despite his best efforts to maintain fitness within the squad, one cannot help but think he needs good and proper signings to get the best out of Tottenham Hotspur. Conte has been very vocal about transfers since the time he joined the club, and now the club needs to give in to those demands.

In the final days of January, the club needs to give him at least one or two signings. Tottenham will next be seen in action against Brighton in the FA Cup fixture. Antonio Conte will have a much-needed break of two weeks to get more time with his players in training with the upcoming international break.


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