Thereat Ens 5-Year Ban For Fans

Mexico is not messing around — the country’s Football Federation is threatening any fan caught using an anti-gay chant at any of its matches with a 5-year ban.

Federation President Yon de Luisa said Monday during a news conference … “We can’t tolerate discriminatory acts. We can’t play in empty stadiums. We invite our fans to adopt these measures.”

“It is not a measure designed to avoid the re-sale, but without a doubt will have an effect on that because now fans, even though they have a ticket, must have registered to be able to enter.”

The chant — which is believed to have emerged in 2003 during a pre-Olympic tournament in Guadalajara — is when fans of the Mexican national team join in unison to shout the word “p***” … which roughly translates to “gay prostitute.”

For years … people have argued that the offensive word was never intended to be used to disparage members of the LGBTQ+ community … and that the word has multiple meanings in Mexico, as well as other Spanish-speaking countries.

yon de luisa
That explanation didn’t fly with De Luisa who said … “We understand that, even if it doesn’t go with that intent, if other people feel it that way, then it is that way. That’s why we want to eradicate it.”

FIFA’s disciplinary committee has already begun doling out punishment — back in November, they ordered Mexico’s team to play its next 2 home World Cup qualifiers without fans.

They also fined the federation $110,000 as punishment for homophobic chants during October qualifiers against Honduras and Canada in Mexico City.

It’s the federation’s hope that these new measures — which are designed to eradicate the use of the controversial word at sporting events — will be in place by March … when Mexico plays its home qualifier against the United States.


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