To Book Fan Villages Are Available For World Cup 2022 Fans

Fan Villages now available to book for World Cup 2022 fans. For football fans traveling to Qatar for the FIFA World Cup 2022, the options for staying on the country’s newly released housing portal have increased.

Visitors can now stay in the various fan villages, which offer a variety of amenities, such as cabin-style stays. In addition, they have the option to rent private holiday homes in various locations across the country.

Its purpose is to fulfill the country’s commitment to make the World Cup readily available and suitable for a variety of budgets.

The Fan Village, which Qatar first announced would be built in 2016 for spectators at the tournament, will allow fans to camp comfortably in the desert with modular cabins.

In Doha, three sites are available: Saffron, Ras Bu Fontas, and Rawdat Al Jahania, all of which are easily accessible by public transport and close to cultural attractions, beaches, stadiums and other FIFA World Cup activities.

A modular cabin for two costs $ 207 per night, or about 3 103 per person. Each unit has the option of two single beds or a double bed, a private bathroom, a refrigerator, Wi-Fi, 24-hour reception, weekly housekeeping and various dining options in the vicinity.

The total cost of the two stays throughout the tournament is about $ 5,598.

According to the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy (SC), Qatar is preparing to host the “most compact” FIFA World Cup in modern history. Spectators will be able to stay in the same position throughout the tournament, saving significant travel costs and carbon emissions.

Fan Villages Habitat concerns

Qatar recently created an online accommodation platform with around 80% of the country’s hotels for World Cup fans. The organizers have assured the fans that when booking a hotel using the designated website, their demand will be satisfied and no false price increase will occur.

Fans will be able to choose from two to five star hotel rooms, apartments, villas, luxury cruise ships and desert camps in Fan Village through the accommodation portal.

In addition, MSC Cruise has agreed to lease two cruise liners to Qatar during the World Cup.

The cruise liners, which will be housed in the port of Doha and used as floating hotels, will have a total capacity of 4,000 cabins and provide visitors with a panoramic view of the West Bay city. The chartering cruise liner is considered a sustainable option that Qatar has been considering for some time as part of its World Cup accommodation strategy.

The Gulf state has a deal with Acre, Europe’s top hotel operator, to equip 60,000 rooms and villas throughout the tournament.

The organizers of the World Cup in Qatar have promised supporters that the event will be “as affordable as possible for all,” FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 CEO Nasser Al-Khatar said in an interview with Sunsport.

Staying in some apartments costs around $ 80 per night, while buying a room in a luxury floating hotel with restaurants and recreational activities costs around $ 180 per night.

FIFA organizers have also set a limit on room costs that hotels can charge fans. The price of a three star hotel is limited to around $ 120.

On April 25, the SC announced that fans now have the option of staying with their friends or relatives during a global sporting event.

The choice to host friends and family members visiting the World Cup is only available to Qatari citizens and residents. These friends are welcome to stay with the host until the host registers visitors with their passport number and unit information.

The host can invite up to 10 people during the tournament and applications may begin in early May 2022.

In the near future, the SC has announced that more accommodation options will be accessible for ticket holders.

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